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SlowMo Control Software for 360 Photo Booths

360 video software for Windows OS and GoPro

360 photo booth software

How does the program work?

Connect GoPro

The program connects to the camera via Wi-fi

Set Up Your Preferences

In the program, specify the duration of the shooting, the overlay. music, the logo, the time of slowing down and other settings

Start Recording

Press start in the program, there is a signal to the camera, it starts recording. After the recording is finished, the program downloads the video to your computer


After downloading the video to your computer, processing begins according to your settings.

Final Video

The finished file ends up in the folder you specified in advance.

Description of the program buttons

  • First screen  (Main)
  • Second screen  (Settings)
  • Third screen  (License)
  • Fourth screen  (Remote)
First screen  (Main)
360 photo booth software

1. Record button

2. Record time indication

3. “Boomerang” effect, like in Instagram. When video comes to end it will be reversed

4. Music selection.

5. Real time of video recording in seconds.

6. Slowmotion control, if “Slowing parts” are turned off.

7. Cutting video for 5 equal parts. Each slider controls each part of video.

8. Cutting video control.

9. Choose original video from PC.

10. Convert chosen original video. Final video will be in folder “Ready’.

11. ISO control on GoPro. To work with it, you need to turn on ProTune mode.

12. FPS on camera

13. Light sensitivity control

14. ProTune mode turn on / off

15. LiveView turn on/off

16. Turn on converting offline

17. Switch to beautiful settings

18. The last recorded clip is played immediately after conversion. We connect the second screen, TV, projector. We drag the opened video onto it, expand it in full screen, select the Loop mode (repeat) and make the guests happy.

19. Displays the processed files in the queue.

20. Preparing a video screensaver (Video Before and AFTER) for quick processing. Select a video, then check the “Prepare pre after video” checkbox and the process button. After processing the video will appear in the folder with the finished clips. Do not forget to uncheck.

Second screen  (Settings)
360 photo booth software

1. Music selection

2. Select an image to overlay on the finished video. At a resolution of 720, the image should be in a resolution of 1280 × 720, at 1080 – 1920 × 1080 .Png format it supports alpha channel (transparency)

3. Video for overlay. With a resolution of 720, the video should be in a resolution of 1280×720, with 1080 – 1920×1080 .mov format with alpha channel.

4. The folder where the source from the camera will be saved

5. Folder where ready-made videos will be saved

6. Intro video before the start of the video.

7. Outro video after the video end.

8. Select the resolution of the finished video. At lower resolutions, video is faster and weight less.

9. Select an overlay type. 

If you use an image, a logo, then choose. png

If you use a video with a standard number of frames(24-30fps), then select. mov

If you use a video with a high number of frames (100-200 fps), then select. mov High FPS

10. Video conversion speed. Ultrafast is the fastest.

The faster the conversion speed, the lower the quality and high weight of the video. If the computer is powerful, you can install medium.

11. Selection of video bitrate. Affects weight and quality. Usually put 12,000.

12. Intel QuickSync Support. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Quick_Sync_Video)

Actual for low-end computers with integrated graphics card.

Most modern computers are supported. To work, you need to install the VGA driver.

13. A sound effect is played when video processing is completed.

14. Compress a video to a specific size in megabytes.

Increases processing, but makes the video the right size.

15. Creates GIF animations from the finished video. In the folder, GIF + video is obtained.

You can select the number of frames per second (for GIF 10-15 frames are enough)

and permission. Here it is necessary to balance between quality and size, because the task of GIF is a small weight for its resending.

16. Crop video to a square. 1 to 1 format.

17. Language setup.

Third screen  (License)
360 photo booth software

1. Your unique code of computer.

2. Paste here activation code.

3. Click OK. Attention you need an internet connection to activate application.

4. Formatting the SD card on the camera.

5. Pairing the camera with a computer. Pressed the first time the camera is connected to the computer.

Fourth screen  (Remote)
360 photo booth software

1. Remote control from usb remote controller.

What is this for?

Suppose you guessed the processing settings in such a way that successful frames are obtained when you start recording behind the back of the participant and you have to catch this moment every time.

With the block, you will need to set the delay between the launch of the spinner and the start of shooting, move the barbell to the previously marked area, set the delay for example 2 seconds.

The spinner starts, the bar reaches the place you need, these 2 seconds pass and shooting starts automatically.

2. Record time indication

3. Select the COM port to which the USB remote is connected.

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What cameras does the program work with?
  • Gopro Hero Black 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12
Can I use Mac OS?
  • No it is only for Windows OS
Does it support GoPro Hero Black 9?


How to connect GoPro Hero black 6,7?

1. If you just bought a camera, then download the official application on your phone for GoPro

2. Connect the GoPro to the phone. Now wifi is activated, we don’t need any more application.

3. Disconnect the phone from the camera. Turn on wifi on the camera, connect the camera to the computer. GoPro will appear in your connections (where you connect to any wifi network).

4. Start working.

How to connect GoPro Hero black 8,10,11,12?

1. Download the official application on your phone for GoPro

2. Connect the GoPro to the phone and turn on the camera control.

3. Connect from the computer and disable the program on the phone.

These actions will have to be done every time you turn on the camera.

There is a second way to activate wifi on camera without phone. Check next article “How to connect to GoPro 9”

How to connect GoPro Hero black 9?

GoPro 9 requires a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection between the camera and a computer to run GoPro 9. Without using

the GoPro Quick phone app.

The first time you connect the camera, you will need to create a Bluetooth pairing with it. This action is performed once. On

subsequent launches of the program, pairing is not required. After pairing, you can connect to the camera.

First, we connect via Bluetooth, then via Wi-Fi via Windows connections.

1. Pair your camera with laptop

2. Connect to camera via BT

3. Turn on WiFi

4. Turn on Gopro 9 switch

5. Connect to camera via WiFi

Details are in the instructions in the program

Which SD card to buy?

Here are the cards that are compatible

it will be enough 32-32gb.

Also I advice to format SD before event.

How do I connect to the camera and the Internet at the same time?

You will need second usb-wifi adapter or cable connection or 4g modem.

Laptop does not see the GoPro even after connecting to the camera from the phone.

Check the Wi-fi frequency on the camera, if it is 5 Hz, change it to 2.4 GHz.

If everything works, then the wifi on the computer does not support the frequency of 5 Hz.

What are the computer requirements?

Windows x64: 8, 8.1, 10


What affects the conversion speed?

Processor if Intel support is not enabled.

CPU compare

We look at the penultimate column of x264 Pass 1, the higher the numbers, the faster it works. Comfortable processors start from i7-6700hq and higher.

The best processor in terms of price-quality ratio now – i5-8300h

Can the GoPro be powered by Power Bank?

Yes, but you will need to get out the battery from camera an plug power bank to work without battery.

It will help against overheating

Which GoPro is Better?

According to my observations, the GoPro 7 Black is the least problematic (tested by many people) for a 360spinbooth. Although the rest 6, 7, 8 Black work fine. But 8 version need a phone every time to connect to PC.

How do guests get their videos?

There are a few basic options:

1. Use MediaSender app

2. Upload all files to the Cloud and give a link or QR code to the guests

3. Send manually from laptop4. Upload to cloud after event

About Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Slowly downloading the video to the computer

This can happen due to wifi interference. You can try switching the camera to 5gHz, if your wifi module supports it.

The camera is not responding. Although there is a connection.

There can be many reasons. Possible solutions:

1. The camera fell asleep – just turn it on.

2. Bad wifi connection.

Try reconnecting, turn off the camera, turn on / off the network card on the computer, reconnect.

Also try changing the wifi frequency (2.4 / 5 Hz) on the camera

3. The camera has overheated.

When the camera overheats, then the signals from the computer go through once, or just do not go through. There can be many reasons:

– Often use live view

– They just worked for a long time or shot a lot of 200/240 frames.

– Powered from wrong power bank

My video is flickering! What to do?

Switch the camera from NTSC to PAL (regional settings).

About PAL/NTSC and how to change it you can investigate here

The light jumps. For example, when shooting in the sun

We turn on the ProTune mode on the camera, then go and set the value of ISO min and ISO max. manually, let’s limit the maximum ISO 800 and the minimum.

You can read it here

What is the maximum deceleration?

So that there are no jerks for 120 frames – 5, for 240 – 10.

But 240 is much longer processed, plus you need more light.

The recording goes on and then gives an error.

Format the SD card on the camera

Wifi can not connect to camera.

If you are working on laptop on battery, try to change powersave mode of wifi.

Program does not start. Nothing happens.

In folder with app (usually path: C:\Program Files\SlowMo Control\SlowMo Control) there is a Cleaner.exe.

Launch it, press START, application will delete old config files, then launch SlowMo Control.

The finished video is played with lags.

Check the number of frames installed on the camera, you may not be shooting at 100 fps.

Check the deceleration value in the program. For 100 fps, do not set more than 5.

What is your default settings do you work with?

Recording time: 3 seconds

Boomerang on

Cut to parts: 1 – 5 – 1 -5 – 1

Conversion speed: medium

How to activate license?
  1. Launch SlowMo Control
  2. Go to License Tab
  3. Copy Your Unique Code (first line)
  4. Email your unique code to 360spinbooths@gmail.com
  5. We will email you back activation code
  6. Paste your activation code (line 2 in license tab)

How to set up SloMo Control.

SloMo Control Overview.

How to prepare & add intro/outro video.

How to make a .mov video overlay.

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